What to Pack in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Wedding Day Emergency Kit Packing List

Your wedding day emergency kit can be one of the most important items for smooth sailing on your wedding day.  Since the wedding season is officially underway, I thought that now would be the perfect time to share everything that you should include in your wedding day emergency kit.

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I was never a Girl Scout, but somehow the “be prepared” motto is ingrained in me anyway. There is nothing worse that not having what you need on hand, or not being able to solve a problem simply because of lack of preparation.  That is why I always provide a wedding day emergency kit to my clients and encourage brides to make their own as well, so they always know exactly where it is and what’s in it.

Emergency Kit for Wedding Day Packing List Tacoma Wedding Planner

Don’t forget the guys

I recommend making at least two emergency kits: one for the ladies and one for the guys.  This is especially helpful since you’re often getting ready in different areas so you need one in each location, and women and men obviously need a few different items.  Travel size of most items is perfectly fine and usually enough for these mini wedding day emergencies.

Preparing your wedding day emergency kit is an easy item you can check off your list, and I can almost guarantee will be a huge help on your wedding day to you, your bridal party, or family members.

I have linked many of the items below to Amazon so you don’t even have to run to the store if you don’t want to – just click, add them to your cart, and voila – you’re done!

Wedding Day Emergency Kit for the Bride & Bridesmaids

First, if you have sensitive skin or allergies, be sure to test any of the applicable products in advance or use ones that you know and trust.

You can also save yourself some time by getting a pre-made emergency kit.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit for the Groom & Groomsmen

Many of these items are the same as ladies so when you buy the items, buy in quantities of two or more.  A couple unique items for the guys are socks, razor and shaving cream, and men’s deodorant.

Of course you can add more items that you know your group would need or want.  These are the essentials and I recommend including at least these. I’d love to hear if this was helpful, as well as any of your wedding day emergency stories! Contact me!

Hope this helps!


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